Christmas Knitting

I guess people don’t like the new design of the TMNT golf club covers … I just got an order for a set of 4 (of the all-knit original design) and that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days.  I finished the 2nd one last night … just 2 more to go!  I’m really flattered people are willing to pay so much for these covers – otherwise it’s just not worth my time.WP_20131210_10_18_15_ProI can’t wait til I get this order done so I can get back to sewing stuff for my friends and family.  Luckily I got most of it done – just a few more hats to go 🙂



TMNT Golf Club Covers – New Design!

Previously I would completely knit the Ninja Turtle golf club cover.  But it takes sooooo long to make these.


I decided to try something new where I only knit the bottom (stem) portion of the golf club cover, and sewed the top with fleece!.

WP_20131203_10_21_05_Pro WP_20131203_10_20_58_Pro

Golf club covers make the best Christmas gifts!


So remember how I made stencils last week?  Well here’s the finished product.  After stenciling the shell, we thought that the design didn’t “pop” enough.  So we outlined it with a Sharpie pen in black.  Then we printed the kids’ names onto iron-on transfer.


Here’s the Silhouette Studio cut file I created.  You can download it for free below:

Turtle Power!

We wanted to stencil drawstring backpacks for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party.  So I made a stencil on my Silhouette and cut it out on a cereal box.  I used the Coverstock setting except I changed the speed to 4 since it wasn’t too intricate.


We just used regular acrylic paint since the bags probably wouldn’t be washed much.  The kids had fun helping too!


We’re still not done yet – stay tuned to see the finished product!