Sugar Skull Pillow Top

I made 1 quilt block and make a pillow top for my cousin’s birthday.  Pattern from Quilt with Tula and Angela


Scrappy Crazy Blocks Quilt

I started this quilt YEARS ago and haven’t had time until recently to get back into it.   3 years since this post: Scrappy Quilt Blocks, I finally finished 42 10″x10″ blocks and sewed them in strips.  Originally I hadn’t added a backing plus I added a 1/4″ seam around the block.  But after realizing this was a bad idea, I used this method for joining the blocks found on YouTube:

Joining pieces were 3″x10″ pieces for the front, and 1.5″x10″ for the back.  For the vertical joining pieces, I will need 3″x70″ for the front, and 1.5″x70″ for the back.




Scrappy Quilt Blocks – Day 2

Made 2 more quilt blocks today with my scraps.  At this rate how long do you think it will take for me to finish?  Often people ask me how I have so much time to craft – I actually am blessed to have so much free time.  I don’t have children and my job is fairly flexible so I have time to craft every single day.  I think I want to make this a big quilt … maybe 80 x 100 ?  That means I will need 80 squares … averaging 2-4 squares a day … I should be done in about a month 🙂


T-shirt Quilt Done

Using the same methods as my first t-shirt quilt, I made another one for my brother in law.  This time I was smarter and cut the shirts wider, interfaced and then cut them all before sewing.  This one ended up being about 72″ x 80″.  He chose a funky flannel with a beer print for the backing which I needed 5 yards of.  For the batting I used Warm and Natural.

WP_20140102_19_01_53_Pro WP_20140102_20_36_42_Pro


  • Cut shirts larger than you need.
  • Interface your shirts before you do your final cuts
  • Do your layouts in strips – figuring out the narrowest shirt in the strip and cutting the rest of the shirts in that strip to that width.
  • Put shirts that have room in the design for cutting on the bottom of the strip.  This makes it easy to get your strips at the same length at the end.