DIY Craft Table: Update

So since I left the back off of the bookshelves, I needed to reinforce it by adding brackets.  It’s still not as sturdy as if I had the backing on it, but it works.



Then to add some extra sturdiness, I added another bracket to attach the table top to the bookshelves.



DIY Craft Table – Under $60!

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for craft table ideas and decided to try and make the one from Organize & Decorate Everything.  It was the perfect size for my small craft room and was less than $60!  I bought the 2 bookshelves from Walmart for $16 each.  The tutorial said to get the Mainstays brand 3-shelf bookshelf.  Then I bought the Linnmon table top from IKEA for $26.

When I assembled the bookshelves, I realized they were SUPER flimsy!  They swayed back and forth and in no way were sturdy enough.  So tomorrow I will get some “L” brackets from Home Depot and fix this.   Also I’m not going to add the back to the bookshelf so that I can access everything from both sides.


I can’t wait to make some fabric baskets for storage.