Last night’s Paint Nite event.




Double Zipper Bag/Sleeve

I found this awesome little pouch on Pinterest and wanted to make one too!  Although in retrospect, I should’ve added straps to make it more like a purse.  I think I’ll also change the way the lining is done – I hate hand sewing!

WP_20140729_00_01_51_Pro WP_20140729_00_01_43_Pro


Fabric Collapsible Bowl/Tray

I made a little collapsible tray for my husband to put on his desk to hold his stuff (like keys, lighters, etc.) and one for myself.   The corners have velcro so that you can flatten it and take it with you when you travel.  Seems very handy to bring to hotels.   I used the tutorial from here, but have since found an easier one.  The rounded corners were a pain in the butt, so next time I think I’ll just try the tutorial from Noodle Head.



Fabric Baskets/Bins

There’s a ton of tutorials on how to make fabric baskets out there but I finally found one with the formula so you can customize your basket sizes.   Cut rectangles with the following dimensions out of the outer fabric, lining and interfacing using the following formula:
depth + 2 x the height  + seam allowance (0.5″)
depth + width + seam allowance (0.5″)
When you box the corners:
depth = the base of the triangle.
I made a ton of these this weekend using all the fabric that my cousin gave me.  I added handles on some of the larger ones and made smaller rectangular ones for my desk.
WP_20140725_21_38_09_Pro WP_20140725_16_20_27_Pro

More Bandannas

After seeing the bandanna I stenciled last week, my other friends wanted a custom designed Flosstradamus logo too.  One friend loves Naruto, so I took the sharingan eye image and added the Flosstradamus logo to the middle.  For my other friend who loves working out, I made a protein powder bottle with the logo.  They are totally ready for their EDM festival next weekend.


DIY Craft Table – Under $60!

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for craft table ideas and decided to try and make the one from Organize & Decorate Everything.  It was the perfect size for my small craft room and was less than $60!  I bought the 2 bookshelves from Walmart for $16 each.  The tutorial said to get the Mainstays brand 3-shelf bookshelf.  Then I bought the Linnmon table top from IKEA for $26.

When I assembled the bookshelves, I realized they were SUPER flimsy!  They swayed back and forth and in no way were sturdy enough.  So tomorrow I will get some “L” brackets from Home Depot and fix this.   Also I’m not going to add the back to the bookshelf so that I can access everything from both sides.


I can’t wait to make some fabric baskets for storage.