Wedding Prep

For my brother’s upcoming wedding we made some matching table numbers and a sign for the card box.  I used the font “Script MT Bold”



Another Floppy Hat – Hawaiian Style!

Made myself this hat for my upcoming trip to Hawaii!  I used the same pattern as before but did something new.  When sewing the crown triangular pieces, I sewed 3 together, and then the other 3 together – finally sewing the 2 pieces (made up of 3 triangles each) together.  I found this made the top seam look neater.


Leo’s Baby Shower

The shower was a success!  Everyone loved the DIY onesie and bib station – one thing I will keep in mind is that I noticed everyone had a tendency to want to add lots of shapes.  Many of the designs I envisioned to only have one shape on them (like the bow ties and animals).  However, everyone wanted to add a tie, an animal and his name all to a single onesie.  I guess not everyone has as good taste as me 😉




The candy bar and drink station were fun.  Although we realized adding frozen berries clogged the dispenser later.  Note: stick to big chunks of fruit like sliced cucumbers and lemon.

WP_20140208_13_33_27_Pro WP_20140208_12_57_18_Pro


My craft girls and I decided to do a craft swap where we upcycle something from someone else then give it back to them.  I got embroidery hoops with fabric in them and decided to turn it into a clock!  I bought a cheap clock from Big Lots and then removed it from the base.  I then ironed on heat and bond to some fabric and cut out the numbers on my Silhouette Cameo.  I then just hot glued the clock mechanism to the back of the fabric.

WP_20140205_18_43_47_Pro  WP_20140205_18_51_31_Pro WP_20140205_18_45_13_Pro WP_20140205_18_43_54_Pro