Car Seat Cover

Another car seat cover.  This one is for a much smaller car seat so it is only 34″ x 36″.

These are so easy to make – it’s basically a large burp cloth with some velcro straps.  When it’s no longer needed, you can just remove the straps and you’ve got a cute blanket!


Scrappy Quilt Blocks – Day 2

Made 2 more quilt blocks today with my scraps.  At this rate how long do you think it will take for me to finish?  Often people ask me how I have so much time to craft – I actually am blessed to have so much free time.  I don’t have children and my job is fairly flexible so I have time to craft every single day.  I think I want to make this a big quilt … maybe 80 x 100 ?  That means I will need 80 squares … averaging 2-4 squares a day … I should be done in about a month 🙂