My New Machine

WP_20131029_20_31_29_ProYesterday I got my new sewing machine delivered!  It was a treat to myself since I’ve been doing pretty well with selling my  knitting patterns.  I’ve been using an old Brother machine that I got from my mom which served my purposes pretty well.   My tension was usually a little messed up but I was never making anything too fancy where that mattered.

My favorite features so far on this new guy is the speed adjustment.  It makes it so much easier to sew at a steady speed.  Also I like that you can set the needle position at up or down when you take your foot off the pedal.  This makes it easy for me to turn my work when sewing funky shapes.

The auto-needle threader isn’t as easy as I would have thought.  It doesn’t save you any time, just some frustration when you’re having troubles poking the thread through by hand.

There’s a thread cutter on the left side which is pretty handy, and the storage for the accessories is also nice.

I’ve been using my old bobbins without any problems – the manual said that I had to use the 15J ones.

Overall – awesome deal for $150!


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