My Quick & Easy T-Shirt Quilt

There are so many tutorials out there on t-shirt quilts.  I couldn’t really find one that fit my needs so I just kind of winged it.  I wanted to make a quick and easy t-shirt quilt – no sashing, no binding, no fuss.  I ended up using 25 shirts – of course if you have less shirts, you’ll probably need to add sashing and/or a thick binding.

1. I first cut out all my shirts and then ironed on Pellon 950F ShirTailor Interfacing.

This is really important as it stabilizes all of your shirts so that you can sew in straight lines without it stretching all weird.  My biggest lesson learned – CUT YOUR SHIRTS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK YOU’LL NEED!  You can always cut down the size, but of course not the other way around if you decide you wanted more space.

2. The layout – this took the longest.  Make sure all your shirts are the same width and trim down the shirts as needed to achieve this.

3. After I figured out how I wanted the quilt to be arranged, I sewed the shirts together as strips.    I’ve found it’s easier to do this with vertical strips.  Make sure to press open your seams!  That makes it easier to sew your strips together. After sewing all the strips together, you can trim the top and bottom so that it’s super even.

After doing this, I realized it was too short.  So I found some more shirts and made a horizontal row and sewed it to the bottom.  It’s very important to sew these on as strips – trying to add one block is really hard and the seams always look awful.

4.  I just bought some cheap polyester batting in the lowest loft I could find.  Then I found a cute chevron flannel fabric for the back.  I cut the batting and fabric to size and then put the pieces in the following order, batting, back fabric (face-up), t-shirt top (face-down).   I sewed all the edges around the quilt leaving about a 3 inch opening.  Then I turned the whole quilt inside out and then top stitched the opening shut.  I could have top stitched all around the edge – but I was lazy and I stitched it so close to the edge you could hardly tell.

5. Quilting the layers together.  I machine tied the layers together using this tutorial from SewnByLeila.

All done!!!  I was worried the interfacing would make this blanket too stiff, but washing with fabric softener helped and I’m sure it will only get softer with more washing and use.


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