Fun with Scraps

With a big basket of scraps I had to think of what to do … the fabric was too cute to throw away.  Here’s some of my favorite scrap fabric patterns:

1. Keychains and lanyards.  I used this tutorial and just made it longer for the lanyard.  I also omitted the ribbon and I think it looks fine.  I found the clasps on Amazon for cheap and I only had to pay a few dollars more for 50 of them vs. 10.  Oh well – everyone gets a key chain for Christmas.


2. Triangle pouch/coin purse & Little pouches.  I just made some more make-up bags with whatever sized fabric I had left.  With the bag shown in the middle, I only boxed the bottom corners.  The bag on the right has bigger boxed corners making it perfect as a little camera bag.


3. Cord Keepers – I tried to make these but my interfacing was too thick – will try again very soon.

Fabric Cord Keeper

And here’s a ton more ideas:

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