A Floppy Hat

I’ve been looking for new stuff to make and decided to try and make a hat.  I wanted a floppy sun hat and had a hard time finding a good free pattern.  I finally found this.

I had some fabric my mother in law gave me that was kind of a decor weight so I figured what the heck.  I don’t like the top – sewing all those triangles got super bulky.  Maybe I wasn’t doing it right but those triangles just pile on top of one another so I’m not sure how I could have avoided it.


I didn’t see the point of sewing the seam close to the crown, I just skipped that part.

I’m still not quite done since I have to close the opening after turning.  I suck at hand sewing




I was wondering what my first project on my new sewing machine would be.  My husband asked me to knit a hat for his friend’s son who was turning 5. I’ve been sick of knitting because everyone’s been ordering minion hats for Halloween.  So I decided to sew him a fleece hat instead.  I found a pattern on Pinterest for a cute dinosaur hat.


Free pattern can be found here.

My New Machine

WP_20131029_20_31_29_ProYesterday I got my new sewing machine delivered!  It was a treat to myself since I’ve been doing pretty well with selling my  knitting patterns.  I’ve been using an old Brother machine that I got from my mom which served my purposes pretty well.   My tension was usually a little messed up but I was never making anything too fancy where that mattered.

My favorite features so far on this new guy is the speed adjustment.  It makes it so much easier to sew at a steady speed.  Also I like that you can set the needle position at up or down when you take your foot off the pedal.  This makes it easy for me to turn my work when sewing funky shapes.

The auto-needle threader isn’t as easy as I would have thought.  It doesn’t save you any time, just some frustration when you’re having troubles poking the thread through by hand.

There’s a thread cutter on the left side which is pretty handy, and the storage for the accessories is also nice.

I’ve been using my old bobbins without any problems – the manual said that I had to use the 15J ones.

Overall – awesome deal for $150!

Fun with Scraps

With a big basket of scraps I had to think of what to do … the fabric was too cute to throw away.  Here’s some of my favorite scrap fabric patterns:

1. Keychains and lanyards.  I used this tutorial and just made it longer for the lanyard.  I also omitted the ribbon and I think it looks fine.  I found the clasps on Amazon for cheap and I only had to pay a few dollars more for 50 of them vs. 10.  Oh well – everyone gets a key chain for Christmas.


2. Triangle pouch/coin purse & Little pouches.  I just made some more make-up bags with whatever sized fabric I had left.  With the bag shown in the middle, I only boxed the bottom corners.  The bag on the right has bigger boxed corners making it perfect as a little camera bag.


3. Cord Keepers – I tried to make these but my interfacing was too thick – will try again very soon.

Fabric Cord Keeper

And here’s a ton more ideas:

Stenciled Pillows


The guys wanted some cool throw pillows for their new bachelor pad – so of course I made them some stenciled pillowcases with my nifty Silhouette Cameo.  I Googled stencils and found a ton of free ones.  They were very easy to trace with Silhouette Studio since they already were mostly in black and white.  I cut out the stencils on freezer paper and then ironed them onto the pillowcases.  Then I just painted them with regular acrylic paint.

6tag-8300016-425728164929488039_8300016 6tag-8300016-425718504348468283_8300016 6tag-8300016-440898619252426691_8300016


Playing with Vinyl

I bought a bunch of clear plastic tumblers from Amazon and decided to make some of these as gifts.   For my Starbucks aficionados, I found a free .svg file of the logo and just changed the text to include my friends’ names.  You can get the file here.


I then thought it would be funny to create a vinyl sticker of my face and put it on a tumbler for my friend that asked for “something unique”.  Now he has to think of me every time he uses this!  CleverSomeDay has an excellent tutorial on how to trace a photo with Silhouette Studio: Tracing without tears Part 6

WP_20130429_002 (1)